Kathy Y.

“I want to thank the good Dr. Gale for his wonderful compassion and his keen diagnostic skills in dealing with a complicated pain pattern like mine.

The office staff is great. Phillip and the other PA’s also terrific and caring.

Even when undergoing procedures that are uncomfortable, great care is taken to lessen the impact.

You guys are all great and if anyone should know, I know. I have been a patient for years. …Thanks to all.”

Rachel V.

“…I have been seeing a pain specialist in Atlanta for about 5 years for shoulder and hip pain. The meds and treatments were not working so my primary care physician referred me to Pain Solutions.

Everything concerning my appointment and evaluation was really great! I love Dr. Gale, he was very thorough and caring. He listened to what I had to say, gave me a physical exam and changed my meds. The new medications are working so well that my pain level is down to “3” and it has not been that low in years!

Everyone involved in my treatment program, from the receptionist at the front desk to Dr. Gale’s nurse treated me with the utmost respect and kindness.

And I highly recommend Pain Solutions to anyone who needs non-surgical pain relief.”


Patsey H.

“I’ve had low back pain for a number of years. It was so bad that I actually had a couple of surgeries on it because I was losing feeling in my legs.

After the surgery I regained the feeling in my legs but my back still hurt awful to the point that I could not think of anything else

So I needed the surgery but I still had the terrible pain in my back. Dr. Hurd at Pain Solutions Treatment Centers has been able to keep me active with a combination of physical therapy and Epidural Steroid Injections that keep me going.”


Dan L.

“This letter is a testament of whom and what Dr. Tom Hurd of Pain Solutions Treatment Centers really is.

I must tell you that after a life time of using my body, ‘with reckless abandonment ’, I discovered my left shoulder had to be completely rebuilt, and then discovered I had a tumor in my neck between two small fractures, that I had no idea I even had. The pain was literally unbearable; 24/7.

Dr. Hurd spent quality time with me and tried everything he could come up with to give me some relief. Dr. Hurd alleviated my fears and kept working, so I could have the quality of life we all deserve. Even his partners and staff are always top notch.

My doctor and his group at Pain Solutions are making my life worth living again. I have absolute trust in him.”


Steve T.

“Here are the basics of my case:

I was a young, active husband and dad who is an avid golfer. I developed Peripheral Artery Disease at about age 38 that led to a thromboemboli or clot formation in my lower right leg. This required surgery to remove the clot but in the course of the procedure and during recovery, smaller clots developed in the foot further disrupting blood flow. The situation now not only caused incredible pain but also came close to prompting the amputation of my leg.

An artery by-pass procedure saved my leg but the severe pain remained. Pain medications could not keep the pain under control and my activity level, not to mention my beloved golfing, became severely restricted. It was around here that I met Dr. Hurd who tried several different injection procedures that did not help. Dr. Hurd then performed a Spinal Cord Stimulator implant which uses tiny nerve electro-stimulations to cancel out the pain stimuli. Now, the pain is under control, I have my leg and arm back to being an active husband, dad and golfer again.

Thanks to Dr. Hurd I have my lifestyle back and can keep up with my daughter, who is now a professional golfer, when she is on and off the course”


Dea F.

“Dr. Thomas Hurd is my hero!

Dr. Hurd, of Pain Solutions, Marietta, Georgia, has been being treating me for pain in my foot. I got a Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation in my back yesterday. Five minutes after…I was able to walk out without visibly limping & much less pain! Thank you, Dr. Hurd.”